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What is Live Scan Service?

What is Ink Fingerprint Service?

Live Scan Fingerprinting is a technological development of forensic science that makes it possible for a fingerprint to be taken electronically and sent to law enforcement for identification.

Live scan fingerprinting is inkless and it captures the fingerprint digitally on a computer. The prints are then forwarded electronically to the Department of Justice, FBI or another authorized agency for a criminal background check or for other purposes.
If an FBI criminal background check is requested, the fingerprint images are forwarded to the FBI to perform a fingerprint-based search of records in the national criminal history database. Fingerprints are required to be captured using the “ink and roll” method on fingerprint cards.

Industries such as banking, Out-of-State Licensing Agencies, Out-of-State Nursing and International Travel Requirements are among several reasons why you may need to have your fingerprints captured on a paper fingerprint card.
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  1. What items to bring for Live Scan: Live Scan Form Valid and Approved Government Photo ID or Passport (Current)

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South Gate Livescan offers Ink Fingerprinting at all of our locations. South Gate Livescan guarantees our service. If you have an Ink Card rejected by the FBI, due to fingerprint technician error (i.e. images out of sequence), return to one of our locations with an South Gate Livescan receipt (and the FBI rejection notice), and you will be printed at no cost.

South Gate Livescan provides live scan or ink fingerprint capture for all your personal needs. Our service is professional, discreet, confidential, trusted and can be performed onsite.
Call today (323) 567-0999 for hours and pricing.

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